Bernard Blaida takes command as more of the Ogden property is sold and the blue prints for a new home are almost complete. September 1960 showed the 4th of July activities to have come up short. Extra funds had to be transferred to the fireworks fund to cover the cost and next year will be discussed at a later date.

At the September Board Meeting Andy Blaida made a motion to sell the 200 foot frontage on Ogden Avenue thence to the end of the pavement of Saratoga Avenue, a distance of 537 feet, thence west to the westerly property line and south to the Robert Hall and Kinney Shoe stores property line. This was second by Newell and supersedes and recinds the motion of October 28,1959. This motion was carried. Another offer for the same property was tabled One of the Banta lots was sold for $10,000.00 a week later.

The Post is now also looking into gambling machines and bingo to boost our income when the new Post Home is complete. A new date to break ground is October 16, 1960. Arrangements are in the works to invite several dignitaries to participate. Normal Legion functions and activities continue to be completed as Post 80 prepares for a move to the new home on Saratoga Avenue.

Ground breaking was done on October 16, 1960. Present were Senator Lottie O'Neil, Du Page County Board member Elmer Hoffman and Post Commander Bernie Blaida. No written program was found for this event. With the ground breaking for the new Post Home done, The members got back to Legion work.

The Veteran's Day ceremony was done at Main and Curtiss Streets at 11am. The November meetings were spent discussing the new home. Sadly no other pictures can be found of the progress of the new building nor are there any notes on it's progress. There were 30 Santa visits on Christmas eve serving more than 70 children. it was decided to have all 4th of July activities next year.

It is now January 1961 and all normal Legion activities are in order. Membership is at 306 paid. Another offer for a parcel of Legion property was submitted. This is for the land north of the Robert Hall Property, west of Saratoga and south of 41st Street, the offer is for $215,000.00. No names were given with this offer but it was approved.

Jim Hodous has been working on the S A L Charter and reported that there are not enough older boys to be officers and asked that the plans for an S A L Charter be dropped. This will be brought up at a later meeting.

At the February Business meeting it was decided to drop plans for the S A L for now. A special meeting was called for March 3, 1961 to review and discuss options for this year's carnival. Stenson Carnivals and Miller Amusement presented their offers. The membership went with the Miller proposal.

The foundation and basement have been poured for the new Post Home. The Board is still waiting for a signed 30 day option on the property sale of $185,000.00, buyer to pave Saratoga Avenue. Two offers have been received for the old Legion Hall, both at $20,000.00. No action was taken on either offer at this time. Once again it is reported that all Legion programs continue to be done. At the April meeting membership is at 350 paid which is 32 short of 100%

The Post received a letter from the D.A.R. offering two memorial plaques which had been in the Lincoln School and at the flag pole by the public library. The plaques were accepted and will be placed at the new Legion Home. A special Board Meeting was called for April 9, 1961 to discuss a new offer of $22,500.00 for the old Post Home. This was voted to accept this offer.

Another Special Board Meeting was called for April 19,1961 in regards to 3.6 acres of land west of the High School ball field. It was decided to donate this land to the High School in exchange for the building and maintaining of a parking lot of 36,000 square feet. The same restrictions to apply on the deed as are on the ball field.

Now on April 21, 1961 while a grade school was on a field trip too the helicopter landing pad on the Legion grounds. The helicopter hit the power lines and crashed. See the full story and pictures in the photos of April 21, 1961. Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

At the Board Meeting of April 26, 1961 the option for the Ogden property was not taken but the $22,500.00 option on the old Post Home was signed. Construction on the new Post Home is progressing very well.

In May, Legion functions and activities were carried out as usual. Completion of the new Legion Home is expected around June 15,1961. A dedication ceremony is being planned but no date has been given at this time. Bill Wrenn was elected to be commander and John Weller as Senior Vice. A letter was sent to Jewel Tea Co. offering them the Ogden Property for purchase as this company has shown an interest in it.

Another special Board Meeting was called for June 21, 1961 to discuss and act on the sale of the old Legion Home on Burlington Ave. Previous offers were turned down and the building was sold to the Village of Downers Grove for $21,000.00.

There were no meetings in July. The 4th of July parade and carnival were very successful and the fireworks display was grand as usual. Four boys were caught cutting trees down on the remaining Banta property. Charges were filled and the Post settled out of court for $200.00.

On August 13th a special Board Meeting was called to act on the sale of the Ogden frontage east of Saratoga Ave. to Jewel Tea Co. for $150,000.00. The Board reviewed this offer and accepted it. Jewel is to draw up the proper papers. The Installation of officers for 1962 will take place in the New Post Home at 4000 Saratoga Avenue. A dedication ceremony will take place prior to the installation. (see photos of 9-23-1961)

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