Since 1958 the Ogden Property has been the main concern of Post 80. Offers for different parcels of the 49 acres have been endless. The frontage along Ogden Ave. has become the most valuable and has had the most offers. With the sale to Robert Hall, the Post now can move ahead with plans for the new Post 80 Home.

Post 80 being led by Ed Wrenn begins the new Legion year with 208 paid members. Paid membership is high for Post 80 due to 196 members selling car raffle tickets. This practice has been done since the first car raffle many years ago.

Andy Blaida reported an architect had been contracted and plans for the new Legion Home were moving satisfactorily. Newell reported the mortgage had been paid in full plus interest on the Robert Hall land. $67,000.00 mortgage, $1600.00 interest for the land west of Saratoga and north of Ogden Ave. $11,000.00 was received from Schrager for the sale of the Saratoga Rd. $625.00 is due from Van Leevwen for damages to the Legion road. the Village of Downers Grove requested $8,000.00 be held by the Village for defraying the cost of paving our portion of Saratoga Avenue. The Banta property on Lee St is to be sold for not less than $1000.00.

The money from Robert Hall was put into treasury bills and $8,000.00 was sent to the Village And now that we have 50 States it is time to purchase new flags with 50 stars.

Illinois Bell was given a grant to place underground cables within the 20 foot easement on the western side of our property. Illinois Bell to assume all responsibility for any damages. The High School has asked for some kind of assurance that they would have access to the ball field that the Legion gave them years ago. A notice was placed in the local newspaper advising of the closing of Saratoga Ave at 41st. This will be done on October 31st each year to maintain private road status.

A special Board meeting was called for November 1, 1959 to review and approve the building plans for the new Post Home. When the plans were approved the architect was paid $2500.00. We are one more step closer to a new Post Home. The membership was excited about the new Post Home and Veteran's Day was attended by more members than usual. The children's Christmas Party was cancelled and in it's place the Post would now do Santa visits to their homes. At the December 30, 1959 meeting there were only discussions about the new Legion Home.

At the January 6, 1960 meeting reports were given and it was stated that 15 families were visited by Santa Claus and about 35 children were given gifts. Lots 1 and 4 of the Banta property in Belmont Farms were sold for $5000.00

In February it was decided to have the annual carnival from June 30 to July 4th. Plans for the new Home are to be complete by March 14thand bids will be accepted until April 2nd.

In April of 1960 annexation into the Village of Downers Grove and to the Downers Grove Sanitary District was approved. The Ogden frontage to be zoned business and 15 acres be zoned for a club room and the rest be residential. The rezoning to be done on June 10, 1960.

Expenses for the 4th of July were discussed and since volunteers are getting harder to find there is now talk of dropping the carnival. At the July Board meeting the reports showed income and donations had been much less than years before.

At the August 24, 1960 Board Meeting a letter was read from Jewel Tea Co. saying they are interested in the vacant land east of Saratoga on Ogden Ave. No action was taken on this letter.
Bernie Blaida has been elected to be commander for the coming year. Ground breaking for the new Legion Home will take place in October. 1961 will bring the new Post 80 Home to a reality. 1960 ends with everyone looking ahead to the Post 80.

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