There is beginning to be a lot more interest in the Ogden Property. More offers are coming in, special meetings are called to discuss many of these offers.Commander Newell has his hands full right from the start of the new Legion year.

At present the paid membership is at 225. Another offer for 400 feet of Ogden frontage has come in. The "All Sign Corporation offered $75.00 a year for a three year deal to erect an 8 foot by 16 foot sign to promote the Woodridge Estates. Due to the hopes of selling this property the offer was turned down.

Bob Peterson said that the fire department had burned down the house on the Banta property and help was needed to clean up the mess. The new offer for 400 feet of Ogden frontage was reviewed and several members liked the offer. The offer price was $71,500.00 for 400 feet of frontage west of the proposed location for Saratoga Ave. This plot will also be 200 feet deep which equals 2400 square feet. The offer was mad by a representative of Robert Hall men's clothing. A diagram was presented and a motion made to accept this offer, and the meeting was adjourned.

The Banta property on Elmore Avenue was appraised at $18,300.00. One of the neighbors to this property offered $10,000.00 for the whole parcel. This offer was turned down. During all of this real estate dealing, normal Legion business continued, plans for Veteran's Day and the Christmas activities. Newell reported that the taxes on the current Post Home on Burlington Ave. were behind, so he took care them.

A motion was made by Parsons and second by B. Blaida that the Commander and Adjutant be authorized to sign the American Legion post 80 Subdivision Plat for the Ogden Property. This was carried. Several discussions were again held in regards to the many real estate deals at hand. The last motion of the meeting had to do with offering the Banta Property on Elmore to the Village for $17,000.00, for a park and it be named "The Banta Park". Carried.

It is now January 1959 and membership is at 323 paid. Gifts for Yanks collected $208.00 and gifts were purchased and delivered, four checks for $10.00 each were given to disabled veterans. A sign showing that some of the Ogden Property had been sold was put up on that portion of said property.Papers had been drawn up and sent to Robert Hall's main office in New York. As soon as they are signed and returned the second payment would be due. The March of Dimes collections were $433.62, the Post added $16.38 to make the total $450.00.

Legion Birthday, Past Commander's, Memorial Day and the 4th of July were all in the planning stage. Plans for a new Post home are also being gone over and it is agreed that offices, banquet room and lounge be part of it. An office for the Auxiliary is also in the plans.

Plans were also discussed as what to do with the present Post Home. It was agreed to bring the building up to code and then put it on the market. Since Alaska will be our 49th State it was discussed to purchase new flags for our ceremonies. Newell mentioned that since Hawaii will soon be the 50th State that we should wait. It was also agreed that the Banta Property should be sold for no less than $17,500. To lessen our load on Memorial Day the Westmont Post was asked to take over the Cass and Lace Cemeteries.

At the February Board Meeting there had been no answer from the Westmont Post and construction is scheduled to begin on the Robert Hall property. It was agreed to allow the dirt from this construction site to be piled on Legion property north and west of the helicopter landing pad. Since there was a very low spot there the extra dirt would be removed by June 15th. After the land was leveled seed or sod is to be put down.

The Girl Scouts were given permission to use the Legion Grounds for a Rodeo on July 9th and 10th of July subject to the following conditions;
1) Take out enough liability insurance to cover any accidents that may occur.
2) Electrical expense to be borne by the Girl Scouts.
3) Baseball grounds and field be kept clear.
4) Legion Grounds to be left in the same condition as before this event.
5) do a background check on Farmer City Rodeo.
the following motions were also passed at the February Meeting

The current Post Home be sold for not less than $20,000.00
Negotiations for a new Post Home not to exceed $90,000.00
Post to dedicate 33 feet of Ogden Property on the eastern lot line extending in a northerly direction from Ogden Avenue to the School sports field. This will only be for half of the street.

At the March business meeting all motions from the last Board Meeting were held over to the April meeting. Newell met with the excavating contractor in regards to the placing of dirt so as not to interfere with Legion business.

Andy Blaida and the building committee suggested that the new Post Home be built on the first knoll where the fireworks have been set off. Also to pick a spot for the carnival and gravel it so it can bee used as a parking lot.The area should be 150 feet by 300 feet.

It is now April and Post 80 has reached 100% membership. The tax value for the Banta lot on Lee Ave was reassessed from $5060.00 to $500.00. There are 7 acres of Ogden property yet to be sold and Morello is working on it. All Legion programs and activities are moving along as usual. Finally got a response from Westmont Post that they will take care of Cass and Lace cemeteries. An offer of $21,000 for the 7 acres of Ogden Property was turned down.

At the May Board Meeting an offer of $3500.00 per acre was received from attorney Francis E. Powers representing an unknown client. This is for the Ogden frontage and some of the land north of the Robert Hall property. No action was taken.

Several meetings have been held to discuss the new S A L program. A letter was written to the Village requesting the World War One Honor Roll Plaques on the Village Hall be given a more presentable appearance by a little cleaning. Ted Wrenn was elected Commander for 1960. No requests for funds were acted on.

June 9, 1959 Special Board Meeting;
Mr Rutz, a local real estate man , acting for a Mr. Schrage, who owns the property adjoining the Legion grounds on Ogden to the east. Requesting to purchase a portion of our property adjoining his. He has offered the following; The frontage of approximately 266 feet at $320.00 a foot, plus the area of 5 acres to a depth of 550 feet and a width of 666 feet on the eastern line of our property for a price of $22,870.00 and we agree to pay for our half of the improvements such as curbing and gutters, Carried. Being a special meeting, no other business was discussed.

June 16,1959 Special Board Meeting;
To sell 33 feet of our property to Charles Schrager Co. to a depth to coincide with the northern boundary of his land, a distance of 514 feet for $11,500.00. This is solely for the dedication of Saratoga Ave. as a public street. Carried.

Received a letter from the Village that the World War One plaques had been cleaned. Taxes on the current Legion Home are $410.00 and the Ogden Property are $971.68. Plans for the new Post Home are coming along slowly. The last meeting of the year was spent discussing finances and the future of our carnivals.
1959 is closing with the vision of a new Post Home and a grand year ahead.

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