For 1954 the Post elected "Old Faithful", Herschel G. Hubbard to be Commander. He was an integral part of that small nucleus that has done so much to keep the Post alive during these trying times. Ever since he joined the Post he has been an outstanding worker. He had served on almost every committee within the Post. You would always find him in uniform at Memorial Day and Armistice Day services.He helped at every carnival and parade.

Hubbard was one who had spent many days and nights getting the present Post Home in shape so the building could be occupied. Hubbard and the McCollums, George and Bill and Bill's son, Ted, spent many days digging the trench for laying of the pipe for running water at the Legion Field on Ogden Ave. These men actually ran the pipe under all four lanes of Ogden Ave. and to the field by hand. They did this at no cost to the Legion.

Hubbard served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Chicago during World War One and back in the summer of 1941 he was Sr. Vice Commander under Ivan Webster. When World War Two was declared on December 7, 1941he felt he could pitch in and help the war effort. Off to Washington D. C. he went. He had to resign his office at Post 80. He now lives in Aurora but was always prompt for meetings and activities at the Post. I mention this simply to let all who read this now that Post 80 is in good hands this year

It seems that keeping minutes of meetings has gone by the wayside as again none can be found at this time. The Adjutant now is Dino Convalle, a World War Two veteran, who Hubbard met in Washington D.C. back in 1942. On Dino's return to Downers Grove after W.W.II, Hubbard immediately signed him up for membership in Post 80. He was Sgt-At-Arms under Tommy Lanagan in 1947.

The Post and Auxiliary had a joint installation at the Masonic Temple and a large gathering was on hand. Again the Ladies of the Eastern Star were in charge of the banquet. Tommy Lanagan was the M.C. Armistice Day Services were well attended.The annual Gifts For Yanks drive was very successful. Hubbard was also a member of the local V.F.W. Post 503 The VFW works in cooperation with the Legion each year. A carpet is spread on the side walk on Main Street from Burlington south to Curtiss. This drive has always been most successful and the local residents have been most generous. The week before Christmas the Post entertains the holiday shoppers with Christmas Carols. The Post has an amplifier system and sets up loud speakers in town and plays carols and music.

Jim Newell is still our service officer and looking for a World War Two member to take over his work. He offered to train and work with who ever comes forward. Plans for the new Post home are moving slowly and the 41 acres north of Ogden are becoming a monthly topic. Offers to purchase the land have been refused but not forgotten.

Hubbard had a good year as Commander, money in the bank, land to deal with and an actively growing membership are the keeping the Post moving forward. For the coming year the membership has elected Alvin Fister to be commander.

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