Plans for this new Legion year would be the same as last year, as volunteers are still hard to find. For the new Legion year of 1944 the Post has budgeted $2062.00. The third Friday and Saturday of each month the newly remodeled Post Home is contracted for and should bring in About $200.00.

New tables and chairs have been ordered for the hall. Food and refreshment chairman Otto Niedner reported higher prices for food this year but said activities will continue as before. Reports were given on the National and State conventions.

Albert Heintz, a WAR II member donated two cemetery lots in Western Springs to the Post. These lots will be used as needed to assist Post members. The Post used $1500.00 of the profits from last year's carnival to buy Series G War Bonds. This year the Post also invested in a safety deposit box to secure important papers, etc.

Fred Lester gave a report on the National Convention in Omaha, NB., and Arndt reported on the State Convention in Chicago. Post pictures, Post Charter and other documents were framed and now hang in the Post.

Armistice services were held at the St. Paul's Evangelical & Reformed Church. Many Post and Unit members attended the service. A dance on November 3, 1943 was scheduled by the SAL for the benefit of the young people of the Village. November and December proved to be vary busy for the Post.

At the December meeting the members decided to have courtesy cards printed and sent to all military members of the Village. These cards are to introduce the military men and women to any other American Legion Post, anywhere. By March over 1100 cards had been sent.

Hank Monfries reported on the Post plans to build an Honor Roll exhibit to be erected southwest of the C.B.& Q depot on railroad lawn. Every soldier from Downers Grove will have his or her name put on this Honor Roll. The Post budgeted $575.00 to erect this exhibit. By the end of March the exhibit was erected and painted. The HONOR ROLL exhibit is 28 feet long and eight feet tall. This was dedicated on April 16, 1944.

By March the Hinsdale Post 250 had dropped out of assisting with the going away parties for local draftees. The local Lions Club soon followed. Post 80 continued to have the parties each time a train left for Chicago. Now two or three each month. The Post home was now being used to give medical exams to those signing up for the draft. Post activities continued as usual, Memorial Day and the 4th of July activities were very successful, the carnival netted $3700.00 and the 1941 four door Dodge raffle netted $3147.00 for a total of $6847.00. A special fireworks fund was now created and $1500.00 was set aside for the 1945 event. The Post also presented Unit 80 with $1500. for their work with the carnival. This year the Post also spent $100.00 for a party for all those who helped with the 4th of July celebration.

At the July election, Stanley Lynch was elected as commander for 1945. The HONOR ROLL EXHIBIT was filling up with names, the killed in action section was also growing. In just one battle at Iwo Jima 4 Marines from Downers Grove were killed and the list of wounded was horrific. The membership is hopeful that this World War will soon come to an end.

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