Tom Arndt was in the steel fabrication business and had his own plant on Chicago's south side. Running his business made it difficult for him to attend Post meetings. Sr. Vice Wally Whitlock took over the gavel at most of this year's meetings.

Post 80 joined with other organizations in the Village to promote ways and means to provide gifts for all of our men and women in the armed forces. In September 1942, Post 80 had a carnival to raise funds for the war effort and over $400.00 was raised. All Post activities are now focused around the war effort. Many of the men and women of the Post are now working long days with only every other Sunday off of work.

Volunteers for all activities were getting harder and harder to acquire. Yet all Legion events continued to be completed. By May of 1943 the Post home was appraised at $6000.00 and the land and contents at $2500.00.

War veterans were now beginning to come home and the Post tried to arrange welcome home events. By August the Post had it's first War 2 veteran. Many wounded vets were coming home and the Post received word that Marine Bernard A. Weier had been killed when the Arizona was sunk. He would be the first of many from Downers Grove to be killed in this war.

The 4th of July carnival and activities brought in a surprising $6500.00. There was $122.00 left in the fireworks fund and things were looking good for Post 80.

Post 80 is well represented on the local draft board with Newell Fishel, Steve Ducay, H. Hubbard and others. We are still seeing Draftees leaving Downers Grove for training. They meet at the Legion Hall with their families and are entertained by the High School Band. Our Auxiliary serves them Sandwiches, coffee and cake. The American Flag and Legion Colors lead them to the train. The Village Photographer takes a picture of each group before they leave. ( These pictures are included in this history).

As this Legion year comes to an end Wallace Whitlock will be commander in 1944.

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