William A. Finger was elected commander for 1936. The new officers will hold office from September 1936 to the end of August 1937. At the September meeting Past commander Dixon(1935) suggested that the Post set aside a part of the profits from the carnival against the time when the membership would be too old to conduct such affairs. The idea met with the approval of the membership and there was considerable discussion as to what form the investment should take. It was settled when a member of the auditing committee drew their attention to the past experiences of the Post in the purchase of bonds and suggested Federal Bonds. The suggestion was well met and $500.00 was set aside to buy Federal Bonds.

In October William Hooper(1926) made known that Mrs. Avery Coonley would consider favorably a proposition for the Legion too take over and operate the Kindergarten Building on Grove Street. The idea was handed to a committee to investigate and report on it. The committee found that several details would have to be taken care of first.

>Mrs. Coonley operated a private kindergarten School in Downers Grove for many years.In 1929 a new Avery Coonley school was built west of Dunham Rd on Maple Ave. Mrs Coonley needed someone to manage the old building which was now being renovated by the Federal Government. The Legion was asked to this.<

It was decided that in order to take control of the building, it be to the benefit of the Legion to be incorporated. At a later meeting the by-laws were changed so the Post could be incorporated. It took several months for the details to be taken care of. It wasn't until February 1937 when the matter came before the Post. It was voted to go ahead and sign the lease with Mrs. Coonley.

In the meantime the Federal Government had started one of their projects in the building so it wasn't until the close of the fiscal year that the Post moved out of the Masonic Temple and into the Grove Street building. The Federal project continued to operate the building and provide heat, light and janitor services.

During the year another attempt was made to get the Post to undertake a Village project that had been too much for some one else. The idea was for the Post to assume the ownership of the improvements on the baseball field including a $1600.00 debt. The idea was not considered at all. In contrast to the manner in which every project was grabbed without investigation fifteen years before it showed that the members were acquiring sound sense with their years.

During the Youth Week a further step was taken; the senior class of the high school was told to elect two members, one as a congressman and the other as a senator. The two successful candidates would be sent on a trip to the National Capital. The money to defray the expense was raised by popular subscription. At the same time the Post sent a couple of boys to Boys State in Springfield, Illinois. The year before one boy had been sent and he reported back to the Post as to the time he had had and the value he had received from the trip.

The routine work of the Post went ahead without friction. The carnival profits were larger and a substantial reserve was set aside for the future. membership increased which made necessary a larger sum in the various budget items for the coming year. In July the nominating committee was elected and presented G.W. McCollum for the next commander. For the first time in fifteen years a man was nominated for commander whose name appears on the original charter of the Post.

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