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Post 748  Antioch, Illinois




CHARTER DATE: February 25, 1926


Antioch American Legion Post 748


Raymond L. Webb


Raymond L. Webb (1st Post Commander) John Horan (5th, 32rd Post Commander) Floyd Horton (19th Post Commander, Recipient of the.. Read more »


We are one of the oldest Posts in Lake County, IL (10th District). We are celebrating our 91st year in existence. We are the furtherest north post in the State of Illinois; literally on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin... Read more »

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This is the day our Post was granted its charter. Full story »
Our first Post Commander took the helms of our post in June of 1926 through the rest of the Legion year in 1927. Full story »
Our second Post Commander took over on June 1, 1927 through the Legion Year to June of 1927. Full story »
The 3rd Post Commander took over on June 1, 1928 and continued his year of service through June of 1929. He served in France in 1918 during WWI. Full story »
4th Commadner of our Post in Antioch, IL. Took office June 1, 1929 and continued his year of Commandership until June of 1930. Full story »
Commander Horan took over for P. L. Chase in June of 1930 through the Legion year until June 1931. John Horan also worked for the News Sun Times, was a volunteer Firefighter for Antioch, and involved in many community events and organizations. Full story »
Commander Walance became Commander of the post June of 1931 through in 1932. Full story »
Commander Runyard was elected to Commadner in June of 1932 and his Commadnership ended June of 1933. Full story »
Commander (Dr.) Zimmerman was sworn into office June of 1932 and commanded thru June of 1933. Full story »
Commander Hills was elected into position in June of 1933 and finished his year in June of 1934. Full story »
Otto Class was elected Commander of Antioch American Legion Post 748 in Jne of 1934 - June 1935. Full story »
Commander Hattrem was sworn into being Commander Jne of 1935 and had a good year of Commander until June of 1936. Full story »
James L. Waters was Commander of Antioch Post 748 for the year June 1936 through June 1937. Full story »
Commander Ernest H. Glenn was placed into the Commanders position by his peers in June of 1937 through June of 1938. Full story »
In June of 1938, Commander Edwards was elected into position to lead Antioch American Legion Post 748 through June of 1939. Full story »
Our last Commander of the 1930's, Commander White lead our post from June of 1939 through June of 1940. Full story »
Our 1st Commander of the 1940's, Commander Message took charge of Antioch Post 748 from June 1940 through June of 1941. Full story »
Roman B. Vos was elected in May of 1941 and took command of the post in June of 1941. Shortly after he took over for commander, on Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. He was our First Commander after the US was drawn into WWII. He continued his year as commander and relinquished his duties in June of 1942. Full story »
Commander Heath took over for Commander Vos. He served from June 1942 to June of 1943. Full story »
Floyd Horton was elected and served as Commander for Antioch post 748 for one year from June 1943 to June of 1944. Recipient of the French Legion of Honour Medal (French Medal of Honor). Commander Horton lived to be 108 years old and passed away in May of 1999. Full story »