The American Legion, Temporary Headquarters, 19 West 44th Street, New York, NY gave a charter to "Black Jack" Post, State of Georgia, No. 29, Marietta GA on the 29th day of September, 1919.

Charter members were:
L. L. Blair                                      
George Goumas                                 
Guy H. Northcutt                           
L. W. Camp                                      
L. M. Blair                                               
J. S. Roberts                                        
Leon T. McCollum                                  
Norman Collins
Claude W. Haynes
H. N. Johnson
Warren E. Benson
Edgar A. Nichols
A. L. Crowe
W. T. Holland 
E. E. McNeel
J. Stanton Read 
M. A. McCleskey
J. G. Giles
Phillip Holland
Charlie Brown 
J. H. Griffith
Sam L. Rambo
F. C. Bunting
T. W. Reed, Jr.

This charter is granted on the recommendation of the State Organization and on the following terms and conditions:

1. All acts heretofore duly and properly taken for the formation of the above-named Post are recognized and confirmed by the National Executive Committee.

2. The above-named Post shall uphold the declared principles of THE AMERICAN LEGION and shall conform to and abide by the regulations and decisions of the State Organization and of the National Executive Committee, or other duly constituted national governing body of THE AMERICAN LEGION.

3. This charter is subject to revocation by the National Executive Committee on the recommendation of the State Organization prior to the national convention fof premanent organization to be held November 11, 1919, and after that date by the proper authority established by the national convention.

In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hands this twenty-nineth day of September, 1919.

Walter A. Harris, State Chairman
C. Baxter Jones, State Secretary

Henry D. Lindsley, Chairman National Executive Committee
Eric Fisher Wood, Secretary. National Executive Committee.

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