Post 194 St. Augustine, Florida

Post 194

St. Augustine, Florida

Post 194 St. Augustine, Florida

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Alton Green Memorial
What Makes this Post Unique
The Lincolnville Post was organized in 1938 by Post 37 of St. Augustine, Florida. They functioned under the charter "Colored Veterans of World War 1." The Post was grouped into the 11th District, which was strictly for black veterans. The Post was named 'Lincolnville' because of the section of town where the meetings were held. Members met at the Benevolent Hall in Lincolnville until 1947. Later that year, the Post expanded, chartered and welcomed the Auxiliary. On 23 September 1948, the Post became a member of the American Legion and was chartered "Lincolnville Post 194." Meetings were held at the Lincolnville Links Recreation Center. Shortly thereafter, the National Committee sent an order that all Veterans should operate as one unit, no segregation. Between the years of 1948 and 1955, Congress debates and meetings were held to form a resolution to nationally integrate all American Legion Posts. Finally, in 1956, the resolution was passed and the Lincolnville Post 194 became a member of the 5th District. As membership grew, the need for Post 194 to identify with the community became apparent. Several veterans felt the need for a Post Home. On 10 November 1953, Post 194 purchased the property, and members went to work immediately to raise funds to build our home, which now stands at the present location on Pearl Street. Various members and organizations donated materials and labor in support of our cause. Among the members who pledged countless hours of time and beads of sweat, was Alton Green. After his passing, in recognition of his many years of dedicated service and structure of Post 194, with approval of membership, a supplemental charter was requested and granted to change the American Legion Lincolnville Post 194 to the American Legion Alton Green Memorial Post 194 on 30 August 1987. Post 194 welcomed and chartered the Sons of the American Legion on 6 January 1984. Over the many years, Post 194, in support of the National American Legion Doctrine, continually and consistently promotes the welfare of the Veterans, their dependants, and the community on the National, State and Local level.