The "Kids Safe Zone" is a Post 194 Community Project. This project has been in existence for eleven years and is called the "Kids' Safe Zone" - a project whereby veterans of the military have chosen to give back to the community through the donation of their time, experience, character and discipline. It is a project initiated and run by the American Legion Post 194 of St. Augustine, Florida. The Kids' Safe Zone is an after school program for underprivileged and at risk elementary school children in grades K - 5. The program utilizes eight accredited teachers and one administrator plus volunteers. Through this program, the children come directly to the Post after school and are provided tutorial assistance with their schoolwork, spiritual and moral guidance through the staff and volunteers, provided educational and entertaining field trips and after school activities, and most importantly, keeps these children off the streets and away from the detrimental influences which abound in some areas at a time in their life when they are most susceptible. There are currently 21 children enrolled for this year and we would very much like to expand this program should further funding become available.




2008-2009 Fifth Grade Graduate from the American Legion Post 194, Kids Safe Zone Program



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