After years of moving from one place to another, from 1919 to 1964, the Post completed a new home!! The original home in 1919 was a metal building, perhaps not the best place to be in the Florida heat. The Legion made some land deals over the years, moving from one location to another. There was even a long-term rental (29 years) of a building located in downtown Winter Haven. In 1964, H. R. Summerville, was Commander and Ben Ashmead was Adjutant when the building was completed. The Building Committee consisted of: J.W. "Bill" Clarke, Chairman; J.R. Anderson; Billy Ross Raiden, Walter G. Bell, Luther W. Reel, Frank L. Holland, W.E. Rynerson; R. Elmo Hood, and H.B. Snively, Sr.

The Post is located what was originally an orange grove on the side of Lake Silver. About a 1/4 mile away is the location of a World War II POW Camp. The POW's labored in the orange groves that existed on the site where Post 8 stands today.

The view of the lake is beautiful as it is filled with vegetation on one side; a view of Martin Luther, Jr. Park on the other, and roads that are close to the lake on the other two sides. The Cypress Gardens Water Ski team practices on the lake and often one may view a water ski show from the Post 8 deck. The Fourth of July fireworks (which take place on July 3rd) which is totally enjoyed by Post 8 takes place on Lake Silver. Members of the Post have great seats to this activity.

Additions have been made to the post over the years, but it is hard to determine where the additions are located except for the deck. The addition of two tiki huts in 2014-2015 has been an excellent improvement to the Post as well as the Post 8 Eagle, a chainsaw creation, made from the trunk of a tree that had to be removed.

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