In order to comply with a request from the Federal Government, Post 8 formed an Honor Guard to assist with the many funerals that had resulted at the request of families wanting their loved ones returned after the end of World War II. The then Post 8 Commander J.R. "Andy" Anderson appointed Captain R. Elmo Hood to be the Unit Commander from 1946; he remained at this post until he retired in 1965. He then became Captain Emeritus, a rank he held for many years.

In the first funeral held was that of Sergeant John Olson of Dundee. Sergeant Olson's father was head of the Dundee Citrus Growers Association for many years. To prepare for this event, the Honor Guard had receive 12 uniforms through the Post (over the years, they have been mainly self-sustaining through raffles, etc.) The uniforms were legion blue with Eisenhower jackets and were used for many years.

The Honor Guard is much requested now for events (funerals, special events, etc.) and stays busy even 69 years after its formation.

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