Wilton Veteran's Memorial Stadium, located at Wilton High School playing fields, was dedicated Homecoming Day, October 19, 1968. It was marked by a marker and flagpole in a garden at the field. It was dedicated to the [at that time] six men who died in Vietnam. The addition of nine stones surrounding one large stone with a plaque was rededicated October 30, 2009, with a ceremony that included some family members of the honored dead, First Selectman Bill Brennan and the Post 86 Color Guard. Commander Don Hazzard "...was very happy that they did this because the original stadium had American flags up for each of the servicemen who died in Vietnam...".
The memorial remembers eight Vietnam veterans and one Iraq veteran who all gave their lives in their service. David Lawrence Carlson, Samuel Diggs Freeman III, Roger Vincent Paul Burke, Warren Demarest Vought Jr., John Geyer Corr, Peter Wyeth Johnson, Steven Tucker Perry, Howard Pyle Jr. (Vietnam) and Nicholas Alexander Madaras (Iraq). Each of the names is etched on a stone surrounding the main stone with the plaque.

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