The legislative chairman of Post 86, Robert E. Park, wrote a letter to the editor of the Norwalk Hour, opposing cuts to the rehabilitation programs for disabled veterans. Among the proposals would be: lowering income limitations; reducing pensions still available by deducting social security benefits (which president Reagan eventually did); scrap the veteran housing programs; make small lump sum benefit payments to veterans with war wounds not currently severe; freeze the number of beds in Veteran's hospitals.
Mr. Parks argues the "hand-picking small segments of the population such as disabled vets, to pay for the cost of meeting Soviet missile challenge[s]!" He goes on to state that "Veterans of this nation are organized not only for 'the community, state and nation', but also for the rehabilitation of the many vets who were less fortunate while performing duty for his country in times of peril."
These are issues that have plagued the veteran's right advocates, especially organization such as the American Legion, even today.

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