On February 23, 1945, six Marines were photographed by Joe Rosenthal (Associated Press) raising an American Flag on Mount Suribachi. What many history buffs know is that this was actually the second Flag raised. There are differing accounts as to why the first Flag was replaced, the two most common that the first Flag was too small, and the other that Secretary of thew Navy who witnessed the raising wanted the Flag for posterity. The Marines considered that Flag as theirs, so sent to shore for a larger replacement.

   Post 86 is linked to the second Flag raised, the one in the famous photo. The Flag was retrieved from Navy LST-779 (the first ship to land on Iwo Jima at the beginning of the battle), commanded by Lieutenent Joseph Hopkins, who years later would become commander of James B. American Legion Whipple Post 86 in Wilton, CT.

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