This program was held once again at Orem's Field (Wilton's ballpark), to celebrate National Defense Day. The program included a recitation of the Star Spangled Banner by local Boy and Girl Scout troops (led by Timothy T. Merwin), a prayer by Wilton's Congregational church reverend Ernest K. Coultier, A picture show, "Paul Revere's Ride (made in 1904 and many scenes filmed in the Wilton area). This was followed by remarks by Richard H. Fitch, who spoke about the making of the film, as well as what Defense Day meant to the settlers of Wilton Parish two hundred years previous. Professor John Erskine related a plan devised by Dr. Daniel Lucas, adjutant of Post 86, in planning a Community Hall in Wilton, by raising funds by showing picture shows on Saturday evenings. The Reverends James Strong (St. Mathews), Reverend Fred S. Bunker (Wilton Congregational Church) and Reverend J. Howard Fairchild (Zion Hill Methodist Church) all spoke with great fervor in support for this plan. Immediately following this, Charles B. Squire nominated Prof. Thomas Dickinson as chairman, that was seconded, Timothy Merwin closed nominations and the motion was carried. The same procedure was carried out with the nomination and election of Mrs. E.G.H. Schenck for secretary and a committee of 12 citizens. A meeting of this executive committee followed the end of the day's program.

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