On the first of October, wilton was granted a charter to the American Legion. Charter members include: Harry E. Aumuck, George D. Barringer, Lawrence Barringer, Edward Bouteiller, Charles W. Burt, Fred H. Davis, Charles O. Eakland, Jr., Norman C. Godfrey, William E. Godfrey, Horace M. Hollister, Fred Kuehnel, Harry A. Marhoffer, George Middlebrook, Stanley Montville, Carleton B. Weed and Leslie Withnell.

   These members voted to name the Post after Wilton's first casualty, James B. Whipple. These members plus new members met monthly at the Wilton Fire House. On November 21, 1927, the members of the Post pooled their money and  purchased approximately one acre located in Wilton Center, to build their own home. With local architect Nelson Breed, the members donated time, building supplies and labor, along with various fundraisers conducted by the Auxiliary, to finish the building by the Fall of 1939. Today, in 2018, the building is virtually unchanged from the original, and is believed to be one of the oldest buildings in Wilton, in continuous use, for its original purpose.

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