Post 2008 worked with Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District to build a Memorial Wall for the Woodmen Hills Community at Balcon Park. The wall is for both military and civilian memorials. Woodmen Hills sold two large plaques and 42 smaller tiles to place into the wall. The center piece was to be the plaque from Balcon Park dedicating the park to Dane R. Balcon. Post 2008 was able to find volunteers to construct the wall, donate supplies, and donate their time. All that was asked from Post 2008 was to provide manpower and donate $400 for mortar. The volunteers to do the work and donate supplies were: Ken Mann, Bill Ryan, and John Ruppert. With the help of several members of Post 2008, the construction began May 26. The plan was to complete the wall before Memorial Day weekend and dedicate it during a ceremony on Memorial Day. However it took longer than expected and the wall was not completed until June.

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