Falcon-Peyton Memorial Post 2008 is established in 2007 in Falcon, Colorado. The Temporary Charter is signed by the Charter Members and certified by William Marshall on June 2nd, 2007. The Temporary Charter is submitted to Department of Colorado and National.

Falcon-Peyton Memorial Post 2008 Charter Members:

Alva E. Bendure III
Robert D. Bates
Charles W. Farrell
Shan Gallagher
Ovid Graves
Bruce E. Gronczniak
Clarence D. Harris
Brian Heflin
Geoffrey M. Hegdahl
Katherine A. Isabella
Raymond B. Jordan
Robert Keiley
Bengt (Ben) Monson
Bill Romine
Daniel N. Spain
Jennifer C. Spain
Donald L. Sullivan
Joel Theriault

Falcon-Peyton Memorial Post 2008 First Officers:

*Alva Bendure - Commander
*Robert Bates - Senior Vice Commander
*Theodore Fransk - Junior Vice Commander
Anthony Pizzi - Adjutant
*Keith Moulton - Finance Officer
*Gerald Roby - Sergeant-At-Arms
*Charlie Farrell - Chaplain
Jeffrey Houchin - Historian
*Katherine A. Isabella - Service Officer

*Denotes Charter Members

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