Adjutant Tony DuMosch acquired the opportunity for the donation of a 1967 M725 Vietnam era Ambulance in Dec 2016. At the regular meeting in Feb the members accepted the Ambulance under the condition the post pays for license ,Registration and Insurance. All maintenance and repair will be done by donation outside of the Post funds. The Ambulance was in running condition and fully complete inside. The vehicle is stored at Tony's home since the Post has no physical place on property. To date the vehicle has been a hit and is primarily used for Legion recruiting and education to our Youth through shows and parades and other special events.



All American Car Show, 1967 Army Ambulance vs 2017 Local Ambulance


On dispaly at Car show. also used as educational tool for Youths


5-17 Memorial day weekend, Commander Bartholomew educating our Youth on Vietnam era


M725 Ambulance in good company with other vehicle of the Vietnam era


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