This was built with Love for our fellow Veterans that gave of themselves for their country These men gave all that summer in the heat working from early morning until we almost dropping in the evening. The Vietnam Veterans 278 of Texarkana & American Legion Post 25-58 members were the labor force. These are the men that gave their time and money to make this dream come true. *Walter C. Baber post 58, Gregory Beck VVA 278 & post 58, *Michael Burns VVA 278 & post 58, *Raymond Burns VVA 278 & post 58, Art Candelaria VVA 278 & post 58, Jim B Carver VVA 278, *Harry H Cornelius VVA 278 & post 58, *David Domanski VVA 278, *Glen Head VVA 278 & post 25, James A Gaddis VVA 278, *Robert E Griffin post 58, Bradley W. Johnson VVA 278, Bobby McDonald VVA 278 & post 25, Walter D Nicholson VVA 278 & post 58,Fisher Plymale VVA 278 & post 25, Joe E Quick, Bobby Robinson VVA 278, Bee Miller VVA 278, *Thomas E Sheffield VVA 278, *Dean Townes VVA 278, *James E Wanicki VVA 278, *Phillip Webb VVA 278, *ED Pennock VVA 278, William C Pifer, Robert Prater VVA 278 & post 58, Bill Crow (* deceased) The Memorial covers our 4 State area



JC laying first block


Bob Griffin, Robert Prater and JC Pifer laying bricks


Bill Crow laying blocks


Dan Nicholson & Greg Beck after after filling the walls concrete


Greg Beck placing POW bracelet in wall concrete


Break time


Harry, Raymond, Cooper, Jim Bob, Joe, Bill


Mike Burns and Bobby McDonald


Andrew Nicholson 3 years old watches as Dean Townes packs sand around flag pole Dan Nicholson holds the flag pole in place


Harry rasing the flag


Robert & Billy pouring sidewalk ramp


Robert finishing the pour inside the wall


Finished inside wall


Setting the stones


Setting stones


Center Plaque names of those that worked to build this memorial and those that donated materials and funds to build this Memorial to our fellow Veterans


Memorial finished


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