On December 7, 2013, Scott Miller, Department Vice Commander, Area C, along with the Department Commander and Vice Commanders from Area A and B escorted the American Flag that had flown over the USS Arizona from American Legion Post 39 in Gilbert, Arizona to the State Capital and the USS Arizona memorial. At the State Capital, Department Commander Judi Beischel and the 3 Vice Commanders escorted the Flag to its encasement inside the State Capital. They then layed a wreath at the Arizona Memorial.



SAL member Miguel Rocha and Auxiliary Jr. member Elida Rocha and a model of the USS Arizona


Wreath and the US Flag inside case


SAL member at the Code Talker Memorial Statue


16" shell from the USS Missouri (L) and a 14" shell from the USS Arizona (R)


Bore of the 16" gun from the USS Missouri


14" barrel from the USS Arizona on the left and 16" barrel from the USS Missouri on the right


14" barrel of the USS Arizona


16" barrel from the USS Missouri


Mast from the USS Arizona


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