John Ivens Post 42's origins date back to November 16, 1922 when L. E. White wrote the first letter to State Commander Celora M. Stoddard advising him of the situation at the Grand Canyon and expressing a desire to form a post. Little time was lost a The John Ivens Post # 42 of the American Legion officially organized on January 19, 1923. Able assistance with the initial ceremony arrived in the form of officers for the Frank Perkins Post of the American Legion located in Winslow, Arizona. Post Commander Lieberman, 1st Vice commander Kleindeinst, 2nd Vice Commander Grattan, and Sergeant-at-Arms Meader brought and presented the colors at the ceremony. Charter Members iniated at the ceremony were: G. C. Bolton, R. C. Clarkson, V. D. Copeland, E. M. Ennis, R. E. Francey, R. P. Gilliland, A. E. Harbin, V. I. Keen, L. F. Kennedy, E. C. Kolb, M. F. Madden, F. E. McCullough, L. W. McLean, C. E. McKinstry, R. E. Reed, E. S. Waterbury, L. E. White, R. H. Williams, and A. H. Woodworth. First Officers Elected were: Commander; L. W. McLean, 1st Vice Commander; R. E. Francey, 2nd Vice Commander; E. C. Kolb, Adjutant; V. I. Keen, Sergeant-at-Arms; E. M. Ennis, Finance Officer; L. E. White, Chaplain; A. E. Harbin, Historian; A. H. Woodworth. Upon receipt of a letter of confirmation for the organization of The John Ivens Post, State Commander Stoddard telegraphed the following: Accept the sincere congratulations of Department Headquarters of The American Legion upon the advent of yourself and other buddies into the greatest American organization on earth The American Legion. It is my pleasure to welcome you most heartily and let the ideals and principals of true Americanism be the foundation of your organization. signed: Celora Stoddard



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