Post 555 Auxiliary Unit The beginning of the Ladies Auxiliary came soon after the Legion established their membership and received their Charter. During a Post meeting, Commander Blount asked if any of the men thought their wife might help get the Auxiliary going. Jim Hendley volunteered Peggy Hendley. Peggy acquired a copy of the Post membership roster began to calling the wives. Our first attempt to generate instrest in the Auxiliary was not successful. The first Thanksgiving Post Family Night Dinner, organizers began to generate some interest in members wives. Gloria Haygood, American Legion Auxiliary representation, joined the campaign to assist in organizing the unit and help boost membership sufficiently have enough attendance to hold meets and have elections of officers. We had a great year achieving the following awards: Membership Award for 35% membership by October 12, 2015. Membership award for 45% by November 1, 2015. Membership Award for 60% membership by December 7,2 015. Membership Award for 75% membership by February 14, 2016. American Legion Auxiliary Reaching National Quotas for 200% membership by December 31, 2015. MID-Winter Conference for 100% in membership by January 16, 2016. Membership Award for 110% by June 18, 2016 Then the unit experienced a set- back due to personal obligations of some officers that were unable to attend meeting resulting in attendance and membership to decrease. It became clear that reorganization of the leadership was needed to reestablish the Unit’s previous momentum The Unit applied for and received their American Legion Charter in July 2016. Again with the help of Gloria Haygood new officers were put in place on July 1, 2016. President Peggy Hendley Vice President Mary Adams Secretary Mary Remmem Treasurer Stephanie Monday Chaplain Joann Averett






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