Event Title:                                                    Birmingham VA Medical Center Christmas Caravan

Event Chairperson/Co-Chairperson:          Anita Bennett / Frank Lakotich


Event Date:                                                    December 11, 2018


Event Purpose:                                             Deliver gift bags to Veterans receiving medical care 

                                                                        at the Birmingham VA Medical Center to let them 

                                                                        know that we are thinking about them during the 

                                                                        holiday season.


Event Location:                                             Birmingham VA Medical Center, Birmingham, 



Post Event Support Team:                          Tom McDaniel, Frank Lakotich, Chic Cecchini and 

                                                                        his wife Rita, Nancy Waller, Vashone Smith, and 

                                                                        Aretha Riley (soon to be a Post member)


Description/Additional Information:           All Volunteer organizations assembled in the “break room” in the Birmingham VA Medical Center, completed the required documentation, received information on how to conduct ourselves throughout the medical center, and were given a list of floors to visit.  All Post 555 members traveled together and visited over 100 Veterans to present them with a gift bag of personal hygiene items and socks that were donated by Sherri Fuchs, and a Christmas card made by the students of Kingwood Christian School. They were all very appreciative and several carried on lengthy conversations with us if they felt up to it. We were in the medical center for three hours and every minute of time with these Veterans was well worth it. Great way to honor our Veterans during the Holiday Season.


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