Event Title:   Flag Replacement Ceremony

Event Coordinator: Ron McGriff

Date: April 17, 2018

Event purpose:   To conduct a formal ceremony for the replacement of current worn U.S Flag and provide education of proper Flag Etiquette to the student and staff.


Event Location:  School for Amazing Kids

                              Highway 31 

    Pelham, AL

Additional Photos at:   https://www.pelhamreporter.com/2018/04/18/post-555-replaces-flag-at-scho...


Post Event Flag Team Team:

Kenneth Paschal - Narrator 

Ron Koonce - Sound/Photography

Jerry McClain - Flag Detail Capitan 

Ronnie McGriff - Flag Detail

Nancy Waller - Flag Detail

Robert Horsley- Flag Handler

Bill Blank- Mini Flag Distribution

Stephanie Monday - Auxiliary - Pledge of Allegiance 

Meredith Stevens - Auxiliary- Photography


Attendees:  School children, Post 555 members, Owners and staff, family  members  and community members 


Description/additional information:   

Additional Photos can be found at the link below.





The ceremony was narrated by Kenneth Paschal

Background information was presented about the use of bugle calls used in the ceremony.

The event was used as a way to educate the children about the importance of the U.S. flag. This is the second time Post 55 has replaced a flag at the school.


The Ceremony consisted of the lowering of the worn U.S Flag  after the sounding of “Retreat” and lowered to the sounding of “To the Colors” bugle calls.  The  flag was folded in the appropriate manner.  The new flag was raised to the sound of “Reveille” bugle call followed by the National Anthem. 


Miniature US Flags were distributed to all  children and event attendees.


The Narrator, Kenneth Paschal 


The pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Stephine Monday, Auxiliary Unit 555 President.


Closing words were given that included with the presentation of a copy of the American Legion Flag Etiquette Manual to School Director, Tami Reed 


TheSchool and staff were  recognized for their patriotism in the displaying the U.S Flag at their place of business.



The ceremony was concluded to the playing of the Stars and Stripes March.


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