Post 649 Blessing, Texas

Post 649

Blessing, Texas

Post 649 Blessing, Texas

About This Post

Post Namesake
The Cecil Lee American Legion Post 649, Blessing, Texas was chartered on April 24, 1948 and named in honor of Sgt. Cecil L. Lee, USMC who was killed in action during the invasion of Guam on July 27, 1944. He ... READ MORE
Notable Members
The Post was chartered by the National Organization on April 12, 1948, and by the State Organization on April 24, 1948. There were 51 Charter Members of the Post, R. W. Ackerman, E. R. Adams JR, Fredrick W. Bauman, Joseph ... READ MORE
What Makes this Post Unique
Actually we are the second American Legion Post to be formed in Blessing. Some veterans of World War 1, headed by Col. Wyatt O. Selkirk formed American Legion Post #209 in 1933 with only 15 members and this post soon ... READ MORE