Post 8 Pierre, South Dakota

Post 8

Pierre, South Dakota

Post 8 Pierre, South Dakota

About This Post

Post Namesake

Pierre - pronounced by locals as "Pier", not the more foo foo P-air as you might expect!

What Makes this Post Unique

Our Pierre Post 8 home is a beautiful log structure built at the foot of downtown Pierre mere steps from the north bank of the Missouri River. A large deck serves as an inviting and relaxing gathering place.




Pierre Post 8 - In the Beginning

Jun 11, 1919
The Pierre American Legion Post was formed when a group of local veterans met on June 11, 1919. Elected Officers were: Carl M. Walker, Commander; Will Robinson, Vice Commander; Louverne Ballou, Adjutant; Robert B. Hipple, Historian; and Paul Dewell, Treasurer Pierre's Post took it's first official breath of Legion air during the State Convention held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 15-16, 1919. Four intrepid local World War I veterans traveled to Sioux Falls,..
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American Legion Baseball was born in South Dakota

Jun 1, 1925
A Legion wide baseball league was first proposed at the 1925 American Legion state convention in Milbank, SD. Guest speak Major John L. Griffith spoke about the important role athletics plays in the development of youth. The convention agreed and passed a resolution to create an organized summer baseball league. The National Commander James A. Drain backed the resolution which passed that fall at the national convention in Omaha, Nebraska.
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Lindbergh Visits Pierre - Assisted by Legion Members

Sep 1, 1927
An exciting event for Pierre occurred on Thursday at 4pm September 1, 1927. That was when Charles Lindbergh landed his plane in a pasture (now the location of the Pierre Airport) as part of his tour promoting aviation. This was a huge deal as Lindbergh was a major celebrity with literally thousands of people greeting him at every stop of his tour. The landing field had been prepared by the American Legion under the direction..
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Post 8 Charter Date

Apr 13, 1931
Pierre Post 8 was chartered on April 13, 1931.
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Post 8 votes to build a permanent home.

Jan 4, 1940
On January 4, 1940 members of Post 8 voted unanimously to construct a permanent post home. Discussions had already been underway to lease from the city of Pierre a 100'x100' lot at the foot of Pierre St. The building was stipulated to be built from logs and was not to exceed $3500 in cost. Federal policy required that building materials were to be obtained from the closest access point. The logs came from the Black..
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Post 8 Facilities Leased to City as a USO Club

Dec 21, 1942
Our Post 8 cabin was leased to the city for use as a USO club for the Pierre Air Base. This lease was to remain in effect until the end of the hostilities (WWII). The lease charge to the city was to have been $150 per month, but only $100 had been authorized. The Post rebated $50 per month back to the city.A stipulation in the lease stated that all money derived was to be..
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Post 8 Signs Ninety-Nine Year Lease with City of Pierre

Aug 15, 1944
A ninety-nine year lease was signed by the city and Post 8 for the use of the property. The Post pays $25 annually for the term of the lease. The lease is valid only so long as it is used as a Post Home. There was a report stating that the total amount invested in the cabin as of August 15, 1944 was $5109.00, of which $4955.83 had been paid. On July 31, 1944, a..
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Music on the Legion Post 8 Deck

Jun 7, 2015
Our evenings have warmed up enough here on the prairie to once again strike up the bands. We will be having music on the deck on Sunday evenings.
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Post 8 Parade Entry

Jul 4, 2015
Some motivated Post 8 veterans wanted Post 8 to be represented in the Ft. Pierre 4th of July parade. They constructed a WWI tank on the chassis of a riding lawnmower. None were quite sure how to go about it, but they gave it a good shot and the results seemed to be well received by the crowds. While not exactly fearsome looking, it represented Post 8 in fine manner. A huge thanks to the..
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Pierre Hosts State Legion Junior Baseball Tournament

Jul 23, 2015
The City Of Pierre hosted the Legion Junior Baseball Tournament July 23-26. SD State Commander Terry Hanson administered the Oath of American Legion Baseball.
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Wind Storm Damages Post 8 Trees

Aug 1, 2015
Recently a major windstorm blew through the Pierre area and partially uprooted most of the trees surrounded our Post. Some were actually blown against the building. They were deemed unsafe to leave as is so they had to be cut down. It's a little bare lookin around here now. We hope to plant some replacement trees in the near future.
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Post 8 Passes Resolution of Support for Flaming Fountain

Sep 2, 2015
Pierre's "Flaming Fountain" at the War Memorials has been going out for quite some time. The flames were from a gas pocket deep underground that was hit when a well was drilled years ago. The gas pressure has diminished to the point where the wind will blow it out. A warm water artesian well was hit along with the gas pocket. A flaming fountain was constructed and enjoyed by visitors to the memorials. Post 8..
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Post 8 Sock Hop

Sep 25, 2015
Post Administrator Ron “the DJ” LeBeau spun the 45's. Yes. The 45's. For you younger vets this was our old school way of “grooving”. This was long before technology pulled music from tiny chunks of silicon. The night wasn't exactly hopping, but we had fun. We had fresh hot Popcorn and also some weird candy that looked like it was left over from Ron LeBeau's sixteenth birthday party. including some wax lips. These were modeled..
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Post 8 Halloween Party/Dance

Oct 31, 2015
We had a huge turnout for our annual Post 8 Halloween party. We were nearly filled to capacity with festooned folks young and old alike dancing to the DJ's tunes. Our Commander, LeRoy Madsen, was dressed perfectly for a night of neck-sucking vampire work. I think his wife had to reign him in a few times as he went in for a few necks he probably shouldn't have. The legion hall was jammed with all..
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Post 8 Veterans Pheasant Hunt

Dec 5, 2015
The first, hopefully annual, Legion Pheasant Hunt was held on the Terry Ness farm. We had 15 gunners, several dogs, and a couple of "golphers" along to keep things going. The day started out with a promised hearty SOS breakfast. Well, hearty was a bit of a reach for what was provided. Post Administrator Ron LeBeau, who admits to being less than a novice around a kitchen misread the recipe. It provided directions for from..
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New Years Eve Party a great success.

Dec 31, 2015

This Year's New Years Eve Party at the Post 8 cabin was a rousing good time. The Post bar staff were kept busy doing their "barista thing" for a lot of folks in a party mood.  Bar receipts were VERY good for the evening. People were geared up to chase out the old and welcome in the brand new 2016.  Optimisn seemed to prevail all around.

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Vietnam Era Veterans Association (VEVA)

Jan 7, 2016

The Post 8 Executive Committee voted all in favor of allowing VEVA to use our cabin hall to host their monthly meetings.  In effect then, Post 8 is now VEVA's new home.  A huge WELCOME HOME to our brothers in arms.  They will meet on every second Tuesday at 7:00pm.  

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Honoring Korean War Veterans

Jan 12, 2016
The Korean people honored our Korean War Veterans with Ambassador Peace Medals at a ceremony held in the Capitol Rotunda. Post 8 Veterans assisting the honorees were: Ken Philips, Mike DeMory, James Goodman, Ron LeBeau, Randy Dickerson, Greg Hall, Jon Peschong, Claire Peschong, Erin Dreis, Hal Rumpca. These people served as door greeters and aided with Veterans in wheelchairs. A huge THANK YOU goes their way for their help.
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Post 8 donates $500 dollars in Shrine Circus tickets for kids.

Apr 15, 2016

It's become an annual thing with Post 8 that when the Shrine Circus rolls into town we purchase $500 dollars worh of tickets and give them out to local kids.  It's a great tradition that we hope to continue as long as the Circus visits Pierre.

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"New" Slate of Executive Committee Officers

May 4, 2016

Taking over in May, with many members returning again to serve on the Executive Committee are: Commander- Randy Dickerson, 1st Vice-Jerid Clap, 2nd Vice-Robert McDonald, Finance- Harvey Hill, Chaplain-John Fette, VSO- Tom Murphy, Judge Advocate- Hal Rumpca, Historian- Ralph Bush, Sgt at Arms- Mike Wells, and 4 members at large- Elton Blemaster, Ollie Redden, Mike Mehlhaff, and Greg Hall.  

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