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Post 261  Ethan, South Dakota



CHARTER DATE: January 28, 1946

POST NAMESAKE: Sergeant Alvin William Erpenbach

FIRST COMMANDER: Charles Hagedorn

NOTABLE MEMBERS: Richard McBrayer Department Commander 1989-1990; Keith Feiner State Vice Commander; Past District Commanders were Richard McBrayer, Kieth Feiner, Harry Huffmann;.. Read more »

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1944  2010  

In Memory of Army Sergeant Alvin William Erpenbach Ethan, South Dakota Davison County December 9, 1920 -- October 7, 1944 Killed in Action in Pisa, Italy Alvin William Erpenbach was born to his parents, Mathew and Irene Erpenbach, on December 9, 1920, at Ethan, South Dakota. Alvin graduated from Ethan High School in 1930. Alvin worked on farms near Dimock and Luverne, Minnesota. Later Alvin worked at the Madison Meat Packing Plant in Madison, Wisconsin... Full story »
During World War II most of the World War I veterans from the Ethan area belonged to the Coaescher Gotesch Post in Mitchell, South Dakota. In 1945, those veterans realized that a great number of Boys would be coming home from World War II, and after several meetings they decided to establish a post in Ethan. After securing a release from the Mitchell Post the following 28 members were declared charter members of the Ethan Post. It was decided by all members present to choose the name of Alvin Erpenbach for Ethan. He was a local veteran killed in action... Full story »