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Post 136  Chester, SD, South Dakota




CHARTER DATE: June 30, 1969

POST NAMESAKE: Arthur Terry Peterson Arthur Terry Peterson was born in Dell Rapids, SD. The family lived and worked around Chester, SD. When 5, Arthur.. Read more »


WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: The Arthur Peterson Post of Chester, SD has a longstanding relationship with our community. Typical of small towns, we have members today who have blood ties to the men who applied for a charter in 1920--people love this place, and.. Read more »

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The original charter application for the Arthur Terry Peterson Post 136 dates back to 1919, with the final endorsement reading 4 February 1920. The following are considered the founding members of our post: John Potas, Chester, SD William Miller, Chester, SD Ora J. Jones, Chester, SD George W. Lofswold, Chester, SD Henry Potas, Wentworth, SD Frank Kearney, Chester, SD Gustave R. Arendt, Chester, SD Frederick Loveland, Chester, SD Raymond Cline, Chester, SD Chris Jensen, Chester,.. Full story »
In 1920, with 31 members in total, Post 136 applied for a Permanent Charter. Listed on the application were Commander John Potas, Adjutant Ray Page, Treasurer Roy Jensvold, and Historian Victor Sterling. Full story »
Like many communities across the midwest, the effects of the Great Depression were felt in Chester long before the Stock Market Crash. With little to no extra money for dues, membership dipped below required numbers and the Charter was cancelled effective 14 May 1926. Full story »
With the community in the throes of the Great Depression, Chester's veterans felt an even greater need for camaraderie and service. A group gathered together to bring back the Post Chapter, and applied (once again) for a temporary charter. Listed on the application are: Otto Pederson, Chester, SD John Renkin, Chester, SD Charles Hausman, Chester, SD Hewey Potas, Chester, SD Louis Krumm, Chester, SD Fred Loveland, Chester, SD Roy Jensvold, Chester, SD Oscar Opheim, Chester,.. Full story »
Chester celebrates 50 years (story coming) Full story »
In 1956, Post 136 used funds to build a permanent chapter home near main street. For 37 years, it functioned as the primary meeting location and facilitated many other community activities. It has been converted to apartment buildings since, but still stands tall with its proud past. Full story »
The Arthur Terry Peterson Post 136 of Chester, SD was finally granted full and permanent charter on June 30, 1969. Full story »
Chester celebrates 75 years (story coming) Full story »
From the National Weather Service archives: On August 9th, 1992 a tornado packing winds estimated between 113 and 157 miles an hour did major damage to the town of Chester (in Lake county). Shortly after 7 pm CDT a tornado tore right through the heart of Chester causing considerable damage. Four businesses were destroyed, three others had major damage, and five had minor damage. An elevator and new grain bin were leveled and another bin was heavily damaged. Most of the building housing the fire department was demolished. Also many houses and vehicles sustained damage and large trees were uprooted.. Full story »
Following the destruction of the Fire Hall in the 1992 tornado, the need for a new community center was recognized. The Post sold their building and contributed the funds towards the building of the Chester Community Center. It hosts the Legion & Auxiliary, as well as the Volunteer Fire Department and various other groups and events. Full story »