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American Legion: ‘Prayers for law enforcement. Violence must end.’

July 8, 2016

American Legion National Commander Dale Barnett issued the following statement following the Thursday night attack on Dallas police officers:

"As an organization of wartime veterans, all Legionnaires have promised to protect America from foreign and domestic enemies. At the same time, we vigorously defend the constitutional right to peacefully assemble and petition our government. That’s what makes last night’s attack on law enforcement so tragic. We agree with President Obama that it was a ‘despicable act.’ Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families of those brave officers who were killed, and our prayers are with those who were wounded as we hope for their speedy recovery. The police are the protectors of our communities. Without them, we would have anarchy and chaos. At the same time, recent footage of shootings committed by police officers should be fully and fairly investigated. Violence on our streets must end, and our nation must be united."


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