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Post 771  Heath, Ohio



CHARTER DATE: April 26, 1975




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Heath American Legion Post #771 Received a charter at a ceremony on 26 April, 1975. The charter was granted to the Post and presented to Post Commander Daniel Dupps by then Department Commander Howard Henrichsen and Department Second Vice Commander Robert Klipstine. The initiation was handled by the Licking County Council. The initiation was held at Post #764 in Hanover. A list of the initial Post Oficers is shown below. Commamder Daniel Dupps 1st Vice.. Full story »
This photo shows the Charter being presented to Commander Dupps by Department Commander Howard Hendrichsen and Department 2nd Vice Commander Robert Klipstine. Full story »
This photo shows the Post #771 Auxiliary Officers initiated on 18 June1975. They are Mrs. Shirley Dupps, President; Mrs. Mary Lou Saylor, 1st Vice President; Mrs. Mary Owens, Secretary; Mrs. Barbera Jardine, Chaplain; and Mrs.Virginia Watson, Sgt. at Arms. Also, Mrs. Elvena Wagner, 6th District President is shown. Full story »
The Post Officers for 1976-1977 were sworn in by the District 6 Commander. They were: Dan Dupps, Commander; Andrew Jardine, 1st Vice Commander; Earl Owens, 2nd Vice Commander; William Callis, Adjutant; Davey Saylor, Finance Officer; Gene Watson, Service Officer; Max Kominar, Chaplain There were 44 members initiated as Charter members in 1975. 12 more members were added in 1976 to bring the total to 56. Five of those members are still active in todays membership. Full story »
The photo shows members of the Post Color Guard during a Retreat at the Newark Air Force Station on 16 May,1976. From left to right are Gene Watson, Andy Barger, unknown, Max Kominar, Dan Dupps, Earl Owens and Charles Kelly. Full story »
This photo shows the installation of the American Legion emblem at the Heath city limit on Route 79 in May of 1976. From left to right are Dan Dupps, Sam Jardine and Max Kominar. Full story »
This photo shows our color guard in the Heath, Ohio Fourth of July parade down route 79. Full story »
The bi-centennial Convention was held in Columbus, Ohio on July 9,10,11. The Post sent a delegate and alternate to the Convention. The Delegate was Charles Kelly, and the alternate was William Callis. The Post entered, and won, the Alice Friedman Award for community service. The Post also proposed two Resolutions to the General Assembly. One was to extend the eligibility date for the Vietnam War veterans to May 1975, And the other one was to.. Full story »
In 1977 the Post Officers were; Commander- Earl Owens 1st Vice Commander- Dan Dupps 2nd Vice Commander- Jim Hitchcock Adjutant- Bill Callis Finance Officer- Charles Kelly Service Officer- Gene Watson The Post received a Citation from the National Association for Children and Youth for our extensive efforts in supporting youth activities.See Citation below. Full story »
The Post bought a new 1977 Chevrolet Nova for $3388.04 and sold $1.00 tickets at local malls and store fronts. We sold $3549.52 in tickets for a total profit of $161.48. See picture below. Full story »
On April 7-8,1978 the Post hosted the United States Air Force Academy Chorale at Newark.Ohio. This endeavor entailed the help of about 30 organizations. It also required locating housing for the members of the Chorale while they were here. The Chorale had about 150 members which required a lot of co-ordination from the residents of Heath and Newark. The Post Officers at that time were: Commander- Earl Owens; 1st Vice Commander- Dan Dupps; 2nd Vice.. Full story »
This is a picture of the group with their director's names. Full story »