Post 342 Thornville, Ohio

Post 342

Thornville, Ohio

Post 342 Thornville, Ohio

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Post Namesake
Edgar A. Orr
What Makes this Post Unique
We serve veterans, their families, and the community through our service....all without our own building!




Thornville Boy Dies in Camp

Oct 28, 1918
Edgar Orr of Thornville, died at Camp Sherman Tuesday of influenza. He was the only Ohio man to succumb to the disease at the Camp in the 24 hour period ending at 6 o'clock Tuesday night. All quarantine restrictions have been in force at Camp Sherman for the past four weeks were lifted Tuesday afternoon. Edgar A.(possibly Albert after grandfather) Orr was BORN October 7, 1896 on Thorn Township Road 37, Perry County, Ohio. His..
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Charter Members

Aug 1, 1920
15 Ex-servicemen of Thornville decided a post should be formed and named after Edgar A. Orr of the Thornville area who died at Camp Sherman, Ohio on October 28, 1918. Original Chapter Members were: Luke H. Martin Roe K. Belt Frank R. Clemson Carl R. Poulson O. J. Letherman Thomas B. Packer Harry B. Cooper Guy Cooper Fred D. Aspach William S. Kindle Raymond S. Machling Guy F. Poulson Henry J. Snyder Vernon R. Soliday..
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Women's Auxiliary

Jan 1, 1921
In 1920 Wives, Mothers and Sisters thought it fitting to form an auxiliary. Charter members in 1921: Mrs. Edward Poulson Mrs. W. S. Kindle Mrs. Carl Poulson Mrs. Edward Ellinger Mrs. Stanley Lynn Mrs. Fred Anspach Mrs. Harry Cooper Mrs. Charles Alspach Mrs. O. J. Letherman Mrs. Ray Mechlin (others active at the time) Mrs. Luke Martin Mrs. Carl Courson Mrs. Lawrence Shaw Mrs. William Enchinrode Miss Bessie Clum Mrs. Guy Poulson Mrs. Eva Poulson..
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Depression Era Measures

Nov 10, 1930
At the meeting convened at 8 o'clock, with Commander H. D. Cooper presiding and Luke H. Martin compiling, dues were "reduced" from $3 to $2.
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State of Ohio Incorporation

Mar 30, 1931
The Thornville Legion Post 342 received it's State of Ohio Incorporation papers with Trustees being: Charles Alspach; Ray Mechling; Guy Poulson; Jesse H. Rogers; Russell H. Morrison. Notary was W. A. Hite. Witnesses were: Cuy Cooper; Harry D. Cooper; Luke Martin.
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Women's Auxiliary "Re-Chartered"

Nov 5, 1949
Meetings of the Women's Auxiliary discontinued in the Fall of 1928; but in the Summer of 1949 a group of mostly WWII wives considered organizing a unit. Thirty became members in the first year. (Re)Charter Members: Mrs. Willard (Mary) Hupp Mrs. Gerald (Francis) Danison Mrs. Robert (Mildred) Palmer Mrs. Neel (Marie) Lynn Mrs. Raymond (Naomi) McNabb Mrs. Lester (Mary) Anspach Mrs. Paul (Janice) Brandon Mrs. Virgil (Velma) Cooperrider Mrs. Carl (Helen) Ridenour Mrs. Arnel (Mary)..
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