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Post 40  Henderson, Nevada


CHARTER DATE: January 14, 1942


Toward the end of 1941 thirty-five World War I veterans working in the Defense Plant Corporation applied for and were granted an American Legion charter. The new Post was designated as “Basic Magnesium post number 40” and would be composed mostly of BMI employees.

FIRST COMMANDER: David A Davis was elected the first Post Commander and Clark Hardy as the first Adjutant.


Only one month after organization the Post membership stood at 101 members, both a remarkable and patriotic feat. One of the first orders of business, after the election of officers, was to form a Defense Committee to prevent sabotage in case of disaster as well as asking members to act as Air Raid Wardens.

In 1941, the Basic Magnesium Inc. complex was built for the Federal Government to produce magnesium and other materials critical to the Allied war effort during World War II. Las Vegas was a tiny railroad watering station in 1941 and the Basic Magnesium site was chosen for its proximity to Lake Mead - for water, the Hoover Dam - for power, and Gabbs - for its deposits of magnetite. The Basic Magnesium complex grew rapidly and soon there was a magnesium production facility that would encompass a massive complex, approximately two miles in length. Additionally there would be a settlement, that would provide housing for the workmen and their families and called Basic Town Site.

Shortly after our formation in 1941-42, the organizers and charter members of Basic Magnesium post 40 became very involved in community activities. In addition to the personal sacrifice these men made for the war effort they also found time to sponsor and organize , dinner dances, arrange speakers for meetings on patriotism, the war effort, the community and the events within the town site, support the local schools and provide sponsorship for Legion Junior baseball. By the summer of ‘44 the post had secured the Regional finals for our area, thus beginning our long running and continuous support of American Legion Baseball

In the latter part of 1944, the Allies' need for magnesium dwindled; the plant stopped production and was shut down. Though thousands of people left the region, enough remained to save the settlement. In 1953, behind the efforts of some civic-minded settlers, Basic Town site and the neighboring town of Pittman incorporated as the City of Henderson, named in honor of former Nevada Senator Charles B. Henderson.

As our post grew so did our community support. Basic Magnesium donated a parcel of land for the use and benefit of BMI Post 40. This parcel of land was ultimately sold to the City of Henderson, and a new parcel of land was purchased with the proceeds. In February 1998 construction was completed on this new parcel and our new home at 425 E Van Wagenen was open.