Post 17 RED LODGE MT, Montana

Post 17


Post 17 RED LODGE MT, Montana

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Notable Members

1st officers JOE McMANNUS Commander, GEORGE DAVIS, vice cdr, Paul B. Leherkind, Adj. , LEONARD JOHNSON, finance officer C.A. DOOL, historian and GEORGE   S. SMITH, chaplain

Past Commanders Harold Jenkins (current 2020) past Ken Biggs, Delany Hedrick, Kim Martins, Bill Wilson 2004-2012, Jim Ransdell ? - 2012 


What Makes this Post Unique

with many soldiers returning to the area after the war, the post was organized Aug 29, 1919 with permanent charter granted by National Aug. 1, 1920. On Memorial day 1919, 200 uniformed veterans marched to the cemetary and the first military ball was held at the Labor Temple."The post held many dances, carnivals, and other social functions to entertain the people and raise funds for needy causes." The post was extremely active in the very early days. The put on plays, held dances, Owned a 3 story brick building in Red Lodge for about 25 years into the 1960s. The building was sold to a business, and is the Carbon County History Museum today. The museum is hoping to get grants, and donations to bring the very old building up to date. Need sprinkler system, and new flooring,(floors 2 and 3) paint, plaster repairs, ceiling repairs, heating system upgrades etc. The post is planning to raise about $2000 in the near future for this cause. (02-01-2020)