Post 440 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Post 440

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Post 440 Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Taken from Gopher Post #440, History, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 5th District, Department of Minnesota


On or about the 20th of January 1941, Comrades Ralph Farnham and Alfred Lennon applied for and were granted an interview with Paul Koughn, 5th District Commander, in his office. The object of the interview was to secure permission to organize a new post in the family of the 5th District. The interview was also attended by F.W. (Ted) Ames, 5th District Adjutant, whose support in the undertaking was also solicited.


After convincing Commander Koughn of the seriousness of the petitioners and the objects and aims of the undertaking, the Comrades were asked what name has been for the new post, if granted. He name “Army & Navy” had been proposed by Comrade Lennon and tentatively adapted but it did not meet the approval due to its similarity to the “Navy & Marine” post already long established in the 5th District. Since no other name had been considered, the Comrades were at a loss as to a name until Comrade Farnham noted a gopher sitting upright on the rim of an ash tray on Commanders Koughn’s desk and was inspired to suggest the name Gopher Post, which was met with immediate and enthusiastic approval of all present and which was subsequently officially adopted as the name of the new post, born at the moment official sanction and blessings were granted.