Post 110 Lake City, Minnesota

Post 110

Lake City, Minnesota

Post 110 Lake City, Minnesota

About This Post

Post Namesake

Louis McCahill, Corporal, WW I

Notable Members

Department Commander Milton Boock, Post Commander 1948, District Commander 1949, Department Commander 1953




Post #110

Nov 5, 1918
Louis McCahill, son of James McCahill, borne in 1896 in Duluth, MN, and then lived in Lake City when he enlisted into the US Army, World War 1. He attained the rank of Corporal and was assigned to the 426th Motor Transport Corp, the 412th Motor truck Company. His date of death was November 5, 1918 and he is interned at the Suresnes American Cemetery, Suresnes, France, Plot A, Row 4, Grave 5. The Lake..
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Post #110 Moves into their 1st HQ, Lakeview Barracks, in 1919

Aug 1, 1919
In the August 1919 time frame, the Post #110 moved into their first building located on the edge of the Minnesota National Guard Training Camp Lakeview site. The original building was named the Lakeview Barracks and was located east of the railroad viaduct along the Mississippi River, off now south Oak street. Currently the DNR offices occupy the original site. The building was long and narrow snuggled between the railroad tracks and the river. The..
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Temporary Charter Date Granted

Aug 29, 1919
The Louis McCahill Post #110 was certified by the The American Legion, Temporary Headquarters, 19 West 44th Street, New York, the National Executive Committee granted a Charter. The original members were: Walter N. Kalkbrenner, Louis O. Kemp, John A. Wright, C.R. Bouton, Walter A. Wiebusch, John C, Schmidt, Otto T. Karrow, Arnold F. Thorn, John E. Lindell, Milton Pearson, Richard O'Laughlin, Carl Dressen, Henry C. Breuer, A Louis H. Huettl, & Chas Buckminster. The..
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Post Commanders in the 1920's

Jan 1, 1920

The following commanders led Louis McCahil Post #110:

1919-20, 1923 - Henry C. Brewer

1921 - H.C. Timberlake

1922 - Dr. C.S. Shore

1924-25 - L.R. Lunde

1926 - C.B. Buckminster

1927 - Kenneth B. Law

1928-29 - Ernest P. Swenson


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Henry Breuer becomes 1st Post #110 Commander

Jan 8, 1920
Henry Breuer was elected the first Post #110 Commander in 1919, then re-elected in 1920 & 1923; who later became the harbor master for the Lake City, MN Harbor
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Lake City Legion Auxiliary Application Filed

Apr 17, 1920

On April 17, 1920, the Lake City American Legion Auxiliary submitted their Charter application to the National headquarters.

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Post Granted Permanent Charter

Feb 7, 1921
The Post was granted permanent status in the Department of Minnesota as Louis McCahill Post #110 on February 7, 1921. There were 15 charter members that formed the association. Original members included: Walter N. Kalkbrenner, John A. Wright, Walter A. Wiebusch, Otto T. Karrow, John E. Lindell, Richard O'Laughlin, Henry C. Breuer (1919-1920, 1923 Commander), Charles Buckminster (1926 Commander), Louis O. Kemp, C.R. Bouton, John C, Schmidt, Arnold F. Thorn, Milton Pearson (1933 Commander), Carl..
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Post Commanders in the 1930's

Jan 1, 1930

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1930's

1930 - Ernest P. Swenson

1931 - George W. Erickson

1932, 1934 - L.R. Lunde

1933 - Milton L. Pearson

1935-36 - Harry W. Collins

1937 - A.J. Watson

1938 - C.D. Florine

1939 - Dr. E.C. Bayley










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Post #110 Moves into their 2nd Site - Lake City Hall Building

Aug 1, 1932
Around the 1932 time frame, after the Post had to relocate to another site, 1931 Post Commander George Erickson was also the city clerk and the Post moved their HQ to city hall until the 1942 time period. The address was 205 West Center Street across from Patton Park.
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Post Commanders in the 1940's

Jan 1, 1940

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1940's:

1940 - Charles Frisch

1941 - Ralph J. Adolph

1942 - Nat Peterson

1943 - Lawrence Haase

1944 - Dr. M. F. Campion

1945 - Dr. V. E. Ellison

1946 - W. A, Stockwell

1947 - C.A. Cutting

1948 - Milton Boock

1949 - William C. Anding


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Certificate of Articles of Incorporation Submitted

Mar 28, 1940
The Certificate of Incorporation of Louis McCahill Post No. 110, the American Legion, Department of Minnesota, an unincorporated association, in order to form a non-profit corporation. A total of 10 articles comprised of the Certificate. The certificate was submitted March 28, 1940. The elected officers at this time were: Commander-Charles H. Frisch; Adjutant-Ralph J. Adolph; Chaplain-Richard O'Laughlin; First Vice Commander-Herman Isendorf; Second Vice Commander-Walter P. Theisen; Finance Officer-Nat Peterson; and Sergeant-at-Arms-Walter Copp. Members of the..
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Relocate into their 3rd Location in 1942

Aug 1, 1942

Around the 1942 time frame, the Post had to find another location. The move was to the upstairs portion of the building on 113 South Washington Street, above Nat & Jim Peterson Insurance Agency. Nat Peterson was Post Commander in 1942, and brother Jim was commander in 1957. The building had a full operating bar and meeting upstairs until mid - 1960. The Peterson brothers allowed the Legion to occupy the site rent free.  The..

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Post Commanders in the 1950's

Jan 1, 1950

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1950's

1950 - Emery Zillgitt

1951 - David C. McKenzie

1952 - Orie Wiebusch

1953 - William J. Redman

1954 - E.L. Hibbard

1955 - James F. Conway

1956 - Cecil Herron

1957 - James Peterson

1958 - Edwin A. Herman

1959 - Dr. H.J. Fiege

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Milton Boock becomes Minnesota Department Commander

Jul 10, 1952
Milton Boock (1911-1994) graduated from St. Olaf College in 1932. Then graduated from the University of Minnesota with a M.A degree. After graduation he then worked at Glacier National Park. Served principal at Ellendale, MN for 3 years then came to Lake City as principal. Mr. Boock entered into the US Navy in in December 1943, then returned to Lake City in 1946 and stayed until June 1957. In 1961 he was principal at the..
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Lakeview Barracks Post #1733 created for World War I Veterans

Jan 30, 1959
National Board of Administration of The Veterans of World War I of the USA grants a charter to Lakeview Barracks No. 1733 on January 30, 1959 by National Commander, Fred Hollenbeck, and National Adjutant, Charles (H)audley (sp)? These World War I veterans were members of Louis McCahill Post #110. Lakeview Barracks were located on the grounds of the Minnesota National Guard Camp Lakeview training site, located south of Lake city, MN The Department of Organization..
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Post Commanders in the 1960's

Jan 1, 1960

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1960's:

1960 - Rudy Brummer

1961 - Warren Schmauss

1962 - Donald Ludwig

1963 - Donald E. Larson

1964 - Arthur E. Von Helmst

1965 - Eugene G. Silheid

1966 - Philip E. Baker

1967 - Lavern Herron

1968 - Joe Riddle

1969 - Leo Freese

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Relocated a 4th time to their current location in 1961

Oct 24, 1960
In the 1960 time frame, an opportunity arose to receive a gift of the building from the widow of Fred Rueckert, a long time early business leader in downtown Lake City. Don Ludwig, 1962 Post Commander, brokered a deal with the widow by which the building was donated to the American Legion as their current Post address located on 224 So. Washington Street. The Articles of Incorporation were amended in the October 24, 1960 meeting..
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Post Commanders in the 1970's

Jan 1, 1970

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1970's:

1970 - Edwin A. Herman

1971 - Robert Beckman

1972-73 - Russel Breuer

1974 - Richard Farrington

1975-76 - Thomas Kennedy

1977-78 - Jon Steffenhagen

1979 - John Burfeind 

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Post Commanders in the 1980's

Jan 1, 1980

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1980's:

1980 - John Burfeind

1981-82 - Don Busch

1982-84 - Russell Breuer

1985-86, 1988 - James Treble

1987 - Sumner Featherstone

1989 - Jon Steffenhagen

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Post Commanders in the 1990's

Jan 1, 1990

The following Commanders led Post #110 in the 1990's:

1990-91 - Sumner Featherstone

1992-99 - Russel Breuer

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