Post 122 Cairo, Georgia

Post 122

Cairo, Georgia

Post 122 Cairo, Georgia

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Post Namesake
Jake M Poller
Notable Members
Number one Legionnaire; Private Jake M Poller US Arny, Charter Member Post 122, Number one Citizen; PMC Walter Williams US Navy, Charter Member Post 122, Number one Syrupmaker; Sergeant Julian Bostic Roddenbery Sr US Army, Charter Member Post 122. Best ... READ MORE
What Makes this Post Unique
Jake Poller Post 122 Leads the way, each Veterans Day and Memorial Day,a flag is place on Broad street for each war fatality (51 flags). On Memorial DAY each fallen service member's name is included. Our web site list the ... READ MORE




Airman returns home 62 years after fatal crash

Jul 19, 2014
Captain Robert W. Turnbull, US Air Force was one of 52 men aboard a C-124 Globemaster that crashed November 22 1952. The plane was on its way to Anchorage, Alaska from McChord Air Base Washington in a storm when it crashed full speed into Colony Glacier. The military wasn't able to recover bodies at that time because plane the was covered by an avalanche. In June of 2012,Alaska National Guard HU-60 Blackhawk helicopter was flying..
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New memorial for those who paid the supreme sacrifice erected by the Jake M Poller American legion Post #122.

Nov 11, 2015
Memorial with gas burner put in place in 1971 was removed and a new memorial with the names of all of Grady County war fatalities engraved was put in place. Veterans day November 11 2015 the new Memorial was dedicated and the new gas burner was be lit.
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