Post 189 Yampa, Colorado

Post 189

Yampa, Colorado

Post 189 Yampa, Colorado

About This Post

Post Namesake
The Post was named after the first Yampa citizens to be killed in WWI and WWII. John Harvey Bird and Wesley Howe. Thus the Bird-Howe post. Coincidentally a previous Post had existed in this small town of 300 that went ... READ MORE
Notable Members
Adj.E.W.Peterson; Finance Officer Joe H.(Bob)Jones; Chaplin Jack Kier; Sergeant-at-arms Bill MacFarlane; Historian Eddie Farrington; Chairman of ways and Means Committee Mike Benedick; another committee member Dick Greenwood. Reuben Squire was the second Historian of this post and he was a ... READ MORE
What Makes this Post Unique
Many members of this post were instrumental in starting the 4th of July celebration in 1975 to commemorate the up coming Bi-Centennial. These festivities survive today and are one of the biggest in the County. We have been able to ... READ MORE