Post 776 Fallbrook, California

Post 776

Fallbrook, California

Post 776 Fallbrook, California

About This Post

Post Namesake

Fallbrook American Legion

Notable Members

Alfonso Ollivaries, USAF, Korea. The first member to step up to revitatlize Post 776.

Harry Woods (Post 255), District 22 Commander 2013-2014. The "father" of our Post.

What Makes this Post Unique

Revitalized in 2013, Fallbrook Post 776 received its permanent charter on August 7, 2014. In honor of the previous Post that unfortunately had to turn in its charter in 2006, we opted to retain the old Post number. 

We are a relatively young post. In November 2015, our Post moved in with VFW Post 1924. Both Posts have seen the benefits of joining forces for the mission – supporting our fellow veterans, their families, and our community. We have participated in several events within the community, parades and festivals, and attended key ceremonies for the new recipients of the Homes for Our Troops and Gary Sinise Foundations.  Last year we formed an Outreach Committee to better coordinate our efforts supporting programs such as the Fallbrook Food Pantry, Fallbrook Senior Citizen Center, Veteran’s Village of San Diego and North County Stand Downs, to name a few. Our passion is to bring veterans together to improve their quality of life through helping other veterans in need: being a shoulder to lean and cry on, as well as to let loose and be ourselves.

Basically, we are family.  Like all families, we see all levels of involvement from our members.  Some attend all functions and choose to take a respective position within the post, while others pick and choose their involvement based on commitments to other activities or personal family responsibilities.  Some of our members can only commit to paying their annual dues. Regardless of their level of activity, together, our members create the strength necessary to further our commitment in supporting our community and our fellow service members.