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Post 91  Wharton, New Jersey




CHARTER DATE: April 18, 1928


William J. Hocking - Private William J. Hocking was a Wharton native who was killed in action on November 1st, 1918 in the.. Read more »


John J. Neslin


The William J. Hocking American Legion Post 91 is approaching its 90th anniversary. This is a testament to the strength of its membership over those decades. Our Post is very active in Boys State. We have a strong relationship with.. Read more »

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"Private William J. Hocking, a popular young man of Wharton, who met his death while fighting Germans at St. Juvin, Ardennes, November 1, 1918. Private Hocking was killed while fighting with Company I, 309th Infantry, Seventy-eighth Division. At the time of his death he was twenty-seven years old." (Excerpted from the Dover Advance, Monday, September 26, 1921)

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Post 91 met at the Wharton Borough Hall, with membership of 11. Dues were initially set at $1.50 and meetings were twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.

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The Post received its Temporary Charter from the American Legion - this date becomes the birthday of the William J Hocking American Legion Post 91 - Wharton NJ

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At the June 14th meeting the members decided to form a Disaster Committee, " that they might take proper action in time of any great disaster or peril to the community."

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The Post discussed the proposition of a Post basketball team. The team was actually a source of revenue for the Post. The proposition eventually became reality and the Post would sponsor the team.

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With a cast of 100s of Wharton residents this must have been a "don't miss" event sponsored by the Post.

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At the Post meeting of November 13th 1930 the first mention of establishing a Bugle and Drum Corps for Post 91 was noted in the minutes. 





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The Post acquired property for the Post Home. In 1937 the Post added an addition to the original home. (FYI - the photo is of our current Post home - many additions and improvements later!)

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25 years - Continuing the founders legacy. Malvin Cole* was Post Commander at this time.

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The 39th National Convention was held in Atlantic City, NJ. Notable speakers and award recipients were (among others): Robert Sarnoff (President of NBC), GEN Mark Clark, Paul Harvey (at ABC), HON J. Edgar Hoover (Director of the FBI) (Program Courtesy of Ray Mathews)

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In 1961 the Post breaks ground for the addition to the Post Home. The article provides details on those attending.

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The Post celebrates 50 years of service! Charles Ullman* was the Post Commander this year.

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The Post Color Guard wins the first of 12 State Championships!

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Continuing our mission to serve the Community, State and Nation! William Trowbridge was the Post Commander.

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The Coin program was created to enable the Post to provide a material item of gratitude to members and non-members in recognition of excellence in service to the Post, Veterans, Youth, or Community

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A World War I Commemoration Event will be held in the Post Hall at the William J. Hocking American Legion Post 91, 99 North Main Street, Wharton, NJ, on Saturday, April 1, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The event will feature artifacts from museums and private collectors, audio and visual presentations from historians and by re-enactors from across New Jersey will occur throughout the afternoon. Exhibits will be interactive and will include visual displays.. Full story »

Celebrating our 90th Year of Service! Free event on May 26th 2018 to celebrate!

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