The American Legion’s 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin series was released on March 14 and since then more than 84,500 coins have been sold, according to unaudited numbers from the U.S. Mint. Starting May 20, there will be an opportunity to purchase a limited edition American Legion proof silver dollar and American Veterans Silver Medal coin set.

The set features a 99.9 percent silver medal that will only be available in this set. The front of the medal portrays a bald eagle spreading its wings as it prepares for flight, suggesting the initiative, determination and personal courage required by those who choose to serve in the U.S. armed forces. It also features five stars to represent the five branches of the military and the inscription “Honoring America’s Veterans’ encircles the design. The reverse of the medal depicts a field of stars symbolizing all American veterans – past, present and future. A lone incused star below the field represents the veteran who has made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country. The absence of this star in the field conveys a sense of loss to the nation. And the inscription “Service and Sacrifice” is featured.

The set will sell for $99.95 and there’s a limited 10,000 available. For purchasing information, visit

Top sellers include the Three-Coin Proof set, which only about 1,000 remain available, and the silver dollar. Expenses for the Legion’s commemorative coin program have been paid, allowing The American Legion to accrue just nearly $960,000 in revenue.