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Legion memorial database zooming ahead

The Spirit of the American Doughboy, located in New Ulm, Minn. Photo by Greg Peterson

The American Legion's Veterans Memorial Identification Project ( is growing by leaps and bounds. The database, released in November, had attracted 180 submissions by mid-January, but now stands at more than 440 – more than doubling in six weeks. A total of 166 contributors have participated from around 40 departments.

The National Executive Committee approved the project in October at the Fall Meetings, through which Legion Family members can find, photograph, collect information on and upload entries on veterans memorials and monuments in their area. One goal of the database is to help defend against challenges to memorials that have religious language or symbolism.

As of late February, North Carolina had the most memorials represented, with 59. Illinois had 39, Pennsylvania 37 and Oklahoma 34.