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Around half of the 55 Legion departments are known to either offer, or be considering the offer of, commemorative coins.
Robust pages are beneficial to both the post and The American Legion as a whole.
American Legion National Commander Denise H. Rohan is calling on all posts, squadrons, chapters and units in the organization to do what healthy families do on a regular basis: enjoy dinner at the same table together. In addition, she is asking The American Legion Family to invite the whole community to join them for Veterans Day.
Publication free to download from "Media Kits" page of Centennial site.

Legacy Meets Vision

The American Legion Centennial Celebration is not only about honoring the past 100 years of our history, but also preparing to continue our legacy of service. Events and activities at posts all around the world will showcase The American Legion "Still Serving America."



As an all female post we focus on the welfare of fellow women veterans while supporting the programs of The American Legion.
Post 404, St. Louis, Mo.
We host meet and greet events every month for newly discharged veterans to connect with our local business leaders.
Post 24, Alexandria, Virginia

A moment in time

Which U.S. president did the drum corps from New Hampshire's Post 25 meet in 1929?